Note from the Office of the President

Hello Fellow Jazz Lovers,

Hope everyone has enjoyed the summer. I know many friends who travel far
and wide to escape the California heat, but it is always nice to come back to
home sweet home. And as the hot summer days fade into the cool fall, we
are reminded that 2017 is ending soon. The 2018 Sacramento Music Festival
is less than nine months away. Soon festival plans and budgets have to be
finalized, but meeting our immediate financial obligation must take

Our fund raising campaign continues. Our goal is to raise 60k by the end of
October. The funds from the campaign will be used to pay our rent, utilities
and insurance for the upcoming year. If all our members would just donate
10 or 25 dollars, we could meet our campaign goal easily! So please…I urge
all members to give so we can proceed with our plans for 2018. To donate,
go to our Website or mail your checks to the Sacramento Traditional Jazz
Society, 2521 Port Street, West Sacramento, CA, 95691.

The next event we are planning is the Autumn Jazz dinner planned on
Saturday, October 14th in Rocklin. It will be an evening of dinner, jazz, and
friendly conversation. The $100 a plate dinner will not only help in our fund
raising campaign, but will prove to be an evening to remember. Seating will
be limited, so sign up early. To pre-order tickets please email Lisa NegriBartels

We are lining up more fun events for later this year and early next year. I
hear of plans are in the works for a possible Casino Night and maybe a
Christmas party, so I will let you know as plans develop…

And on behalf of all our members, patrons, and musicians, the Sacramento
Traditional Jazz Society sends it thoughts and prayers for the victims of
Hurricane Harvey and Irma and Maria! To our brothers and sisters in Texas
and Florida, we are with you in spirit.


Dennis Speciale, President
Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society