ICYMI – Jazz Sunday – October 8th – The Pub Crawlers

ICYMI – (in case you missed it)

We hosted The Pub Crawlers on October 8, 2017

The Pub Crawlers is a Sacramento/Sacramento-ish based band
of aging musicians who have been playing together in various
incarnations for, well, a bunch of years. You will recognize most
of them, if you squint your eyes, from the Wooden Nickel Jass
Band. The front line of Dave Johnson, Otis Mourning, and Bob
Williams is the most powerful, and possibly even the best, front
line of any trad band in the northern hemisphere. Possibly.
Pianist Bonnie Otto has bloodied more pianos, per capita, with
her enthusiastic stride than a dozen men half her age.
Professors Brian Simpson and Alan Parks, in addition to
educating future generations of musicians (God save us!), lay
out a solid and creative rhythmic bed that give the front line just
enough rope to hang itself. Grab a beer, lower your standards
just a little, and come listen to the Pub Crawlers let their hair down!
Pub Crawlers at Sacramento Jazz Society
Admission to “Jazz Sunday” is by donation of $10.00 for members, $12.00 for non-members. Persons under 12 are admitted free. Youth 12-20 (Members) $5.00, youth 12-20 (Nonmembers) $7.00.

Don’t forget about the Breakfast between 8:30 am to 11:00 am for $10.00.

Elks Lodge No 6 Riverside Blvd Sacramento